Quality Policy

Our Mission Statement

Customer satisfaction is essential to the success of ARC Recruitment.

Our mission is to be recognised by our customers as their first choice recruitment agency. We aim to:

  • Fully comply with all requirements of the Data Protection Act as it applies to Recruitment Agencies
  • Ensure we fully meet our customers’ requirements
  • Provide our services in a manner that respects society, the law and the environment
  • Provide a service that our customers value

Quality Policy

Christopher Highfield of ARC Recruitment is responsible for ensuring the above mission statements are met and improved upon whenever possible. This policy will be constantly updated and reviewed annually.

ARC aims to ensure speed of service and accuracy in matching candidates to jobs, to promote efficiency and to ensure overall satisfaction with our service.

Candidates’ information is important as this enables us to effectively match our customer’s requirements and provide a quality service.

Candidate and client information is stored on an on-line secure system that is updateable by all personnel associated with ARC.

Data security is monitored and revised on a quarterly basis.

ARC is registered with the Information Commissioners Office.

Candidate Authority

A candidates CV, name or other detail will not be submitted to any client without the candidate’s prior permission. All candidates are supplied with the fullest job specification that ARC Recruitment is able to provide at that time.

Candidate Submission

All candidates will be evaluated against the client criteria for a role by the relevant consultant, utilising their understanding of the industry, in order to assess their suitability for that role. Our target ration of CV submission to interview is 3:1. Where this ratio exceeds 5:1 the consultant will re-evaluate the clients requirements and refine the selection criteria.

Date: February 2007