Increase in Vacancies

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve started to see an increase in vacancies in what is an extremely tough market for employers trying to recruit new staff.

Even employers who don’t typically use agencies are now approaching us as it becomes increasingly apparent that the traditional routes of advertising on their own websites and the job boards are not working as well as they have done in the past. Just look at how much of your LinkedIn feed is filled with companies trying to recruit!

Potential employees (candidates) can be segmented in many ways, but at the moment there are 2 segments that are arguably the most important. Active and Passive.

Active Candidates

Active candidates are those that are actively seeking a new role (for a variety of reasons), and these are the people that are proactively looking at the job boards and making applications.

Passive Candidates

Passive candidates are the people that aren’t looking at the adverts. No matter how hard you try they won’t get to see that there may be a great opportunity for them with a new employer. This is where an agency can help in the recruitment process.

Targeting the Passive Market

In the last 3 years 67% of the placements we have made have been from our database. We’ve been building it for over 20 years, targeting passive candidates.

We communicate with the people who won’t see the job ads. They don’t know that another employer has a role to fill that will pay them more, give them more flexible working, give them better benefits, train them to a higher level or any other benefit that will enhance their working life. Until we tell them about it.

Agencies are often seen as a pure cost to a business. But a good agency helps to add value to their client’s business by widening the pool of potential employees they can choose from.

If you’re finding it difficult to find the right people due to the increase in vacancies, and want to tap into Passive candidates, get in touch.