Register Your CV

It’s easy to register your CV with us.

Just click on this link and you can upload your CV in a few seconds and we’ll register your details.ARC Recruitment

We always check with you before sending your CV out to a prospective employer, so your confidentiality is never going to be an issue.

Many people think that with the advent of GDPR that their confidentiality is a given, but that’s not always the case.

When “processing your data” a company can cite “legitimate interest”, and if you’ve uploaded your CV to a job board then a recruiter can use this as a reason for sending your CV to an employer without referring back to you.

The last time we contacted the Information Commissioner about this, they were surprisingly relaxed on the matter. Their position was that if you’re looking for a job then it’s fair enough. We fundamentally disagree with this and never send your CV anywhere without your permission – not every recruitment agency employs this policy.

Even if you’ve registered with us before, it’s still worth taking a few moments to update us on what you’re doing these days so that we can contact you about the latest roles that are relevant to what you are doing today, not what you were doing 5 years ago.