Online Interviewing

One of the effects of the lock down is a growing acceptance of the use of online video as an acceptable way of communicating with our fellow human beings.

7 weeks ago (yes it’s been that long!), how many of us had heard of Zoom or Microsoft Teams? I certainly hadn’t, but we’ve been using Skype for at least 10 years as an internal way of keeping in touch as a team at ARC, so I’ve felt comfortable using the technology for some time.

Choirs, Quizzes and Trustees

In the last few weeks there has been a sea change in attitudes to using these platforms. My 83 year old (nearly 84 she keeps telling me!) is as comfortable with Skype as she is with a ‘phone. My wife’s choir, with an average age somewhere north of 70, have weekly Zoom choir practice, then there’s the book club “socials”, quizzes and I’ve had 3 Zoom meeting as a charity trustee.

I think it’s safe to say that online interviewing will be high on people’s agenda when the job market restarts.

What platform are employers going to be using?

It’s important that potential candidates know what they will need to have access to, so we’ve put together an extremely short survey (2 questions!) for employers to tell us what they’ll be using.

Once we’ve got the responses in, I’ll post the results on LinkedIn, but if you want them emailing, just comment on this article with your email address and I’ll send them over.

Click here to take the survey Online Interviewing and feel free to share it.