New Aston Martin

A new Aston Martin has been unveiled. A £158,000 SUV aimed at wealthy women.

The company’s shares slid a further 2.6% on Wednesday despite the launch of the new model, which the company hopes will start rolling-off its production line at St Athan in Wales in spring 2020.

The DBX is apparently designed to compete against Bentley’s £133,000 Bentayga, Rolls-Royce’s £264,000 Cullinan, Porsche’s £101,000 Cayenne Turbo and Lamborghini’s £160,000 Urus.

As the world in general is becoming rapidly more environmentally aware, I’m not sure that producing a car that will emit more than three times as much carbon dioxide as a Ford Fiesta and travel 19.7 miles per gallon of petrol, compared with an average of 51.7mpg for new cars in the UK is the wisest move.

It looks beautiful, and I’m sure will sell well, but might an electric variant be more future proof?

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