Don’t put LinkedIn on your CV

LinkedIn on your CV?

One of the first thing any decent recruiter does when they are sent a CV with a LinkedIn profile link is to click on it so they can see what the candidate looks like. You might think this is fine, you’ve got a nice picture on there and some recommendations from ex-colleagues and clients, but, as an applicant, this is not something you really want to happen.

When a recruiter clicks on that link, they not only get to see your profile, but down the right hand side of the screen they also get to see other potential candidates listed as “People Also Viewed” – i.e. your competition! So by having LinkedIn on your CV, you’re actually causing potential harm to your career.

You could argue that this is fine as you’re the best candidate and perfect for the job, and they’ll find you on LinkedIn anyway, but why make it any harder than it already is?

The only 2 things that a recruiter might actually learn from your Profile is what you look like and how many recommendations you have. Everything else should already be on your CV.